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Throwing Myself Into School

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Throwing Myself Into School

Three Reasons A Space Museum Is The Right Destination For Your Next Field Trip

Doris Larson

Fun, educational, or accessible: you can only pick two. Planning field trips can often feel like an uphill battle, and making any decision means compromising between keeping your students engaged and providing an experience that is both memorable and educational. Many museums lack the wipe appeal necessary to maintain the interest of a diverse range of students, and other field trip destinations can sometimes feel like they lack educational value or impact. There is, however, an option that is guaranteed to have near-universal appeal: space museums. From the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to more local options, here are three reasons why space museums are perfect for any field trip.

Space Exploration Is A Major Part of U.S. National History

There's no getting away from it: space exploration and development has defined a large part of modern U.S. history. The Space Race was an essential part of the Cold War, and rocketry itself has ties to everything from early 20th-century science to the aftermath of World War II. Looking at exhibits about rockets and satellites is going to be fun for kids of any age, but it is impossible to overstate the historical value of these artifacts. By seeing these items in person, kids will have a chance to experience a part of history firsthand.

Space Exhibits Provide a Practical Demonstration of the Power of Math and Science

Space isn't just about history, of course. Getting a rocket into low Earth orbit requires a tremendous amount of science, math, and engineering, while modern space missions require unimaginable amounts of talent. If you want to provide your class with a truly practical example of what an education in science and math can provide, space exhibits are the way to go. As a bonus, most museums present this information in a way that is accessible and engaging, helping to ease younger students into the importance of these fields without overwhelming them with details.

Space Exploration and Earth Science Go Hand in Hand

Reaching for the sky is about more than just sticking your head in the clouds. Space exploration has been a huge driver of modern Earth science. Satellites provide scientists who study the Earth with a wealth of knowledge that they could previously only dream about. With the Earth's changing climate and environment, studying the planet from space is more important than ever. Students with an interest in the environment and the future of the planet can learn about how space exploration has advanced human knowledge in a wide range of different scientific fields.

Whatever the specific interests of your students happen to be, space museums are likely to engage and fascinate them while also providing a memorable and educational experience.