Throwing Myself Into School
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Throwing Myself Into School

After thinking carefully about what I wanted to do with my life, I noticed that I wasn't on a great path. My kids still needed a lot from me, but I needed to provide more for them. I started realizing that going back to school may be the right idea, so I started looking into enrollment. I found a great program close to my home that worked out well with my budget, and it was neat to explore the possibilities. After I started classes, I was enthusiastic about moving forward with my career. Check out these posts to learn more about throwing yourself into your studies and making your life better.

Throwing Myself Into School

Is An Associate's Degree Worth It?

Doris Larson

If you are just beginning to think about your college career, there are many decisions to make. One of the most basic is whether or not you are going to get an associate degree or jump right into a bachelor's program. An associate degree is a basic two-year college degree, often completing many of the general education courses. There are many reasons why someone should choose to get their associates degree, including but not limited to:

Saving Money

An associate degree is obviously going to be cheaper than a bachelor's degree because it is less schooling. However, did you know that it could save you money as well? Junior colleges (colleges that offer two-year degrees) are often less expensive than four-year universities. In addition, taking your general education courses with your associate degree means that you will not need to pay for those classes with your bachelor's. 

College Experience

Do you know anyone who has graduated from college, worked a bit in their chosen career, and then decided that they want to do something else? This is becoming more and more common with college grads since many love the idea of their profession but have no experience in the field. Earning an associate degree is a wonderful way to get a quick two years of college experience and then get out into the field. Should you decide that you would like to do something else, an associate degree will put you on your way to getting the bachelor's degree of your choice.

Building Your Resume

If you were a business owner, and you had to choose between a high school graduate and someone with an associate degree, who would you choose? The answer is obvious. People who have finished just two years of school are much less likely to go unemployed. There are many associate degrees that can put you in a position of making substantially more than those without a degree. There are two-year degrees in professions such as nursing, business, web design, early childhood education, and information technology.

Expedited Schooling

The great thing about an associate degree is that it may not even take you two years to complete. Those who work hard and have the time available could finish in as quickly as 18 months.

In conclusion, an associate degree is a great way to jumpstart your education and improve your life overall. If you are wondering what you want to do after high school, after your kids are all in school, or with your spare time, look into an associate degree program near you.