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Throwing Myself Into School

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Throwing Myself Into School

How to Reinforce the Montessori Lifestyle at Home

Doris Larson

The Montessori educational system, one that is centered around self-motivation, encouragement, and positivity, is one that has existed and even prospered for a very long time. If you have made the smart decision of enrolling your child in a Montessori school or are thinking about doing so, however, know that this educational style is even more effective when it's reinforced at home.

If you're not sure how to do that, then don't worry. It's as simple as following a few basic tips.

1. Listen

One of the main tenents of a Montessori education is respect. The theory is that children deserve to be respected in the same real, important way that adults do. Thus, always try and treat your child with the same respect that you would impart to anyone else. An easy and effective way in which you can do just that is to listen to your child fully whenever the opportunity presents itself. When your child says something, no matter what it is, listen, acknowledge what has been said, and then provide some kind of fair, respectful response.

When you make your little one feel heard and respected, they feel like they matter and are important in the world, which improves confidence and reinforces the training that they are receiving at school.

2. Prioritize Health

The Montessori system is holistic, which means that it focuses on the whole or entire person, not just their education. As a result, paying careful attention to physical health is a must. Ensure your child gets adequate sleep for their age. Feed your child healthy foods and encourage exercise or active play. Also, maintain regular visits to a healthcare professional for checkups and to maintain general health. If you can keep your child as healthy as possible in the body, then you can nurture their spirit and their minds as well.

3. Say "Yes" More

Most parents are big on saying "no" to their children. However, the Montessori method allows for a lot of freedom and choice. Children have to learn to make their own choices and become independent. Thus, allow your child to make decisions, such as what activity to engage in or how and when to play. Set limits for safety and as needed, but, in general, the more freedom you give your child, the more you will be in line with the education and autonomy they are gaining at school.

Remember, a Montessori education is a great thing, but you can't rely on the school to do all the work. Contact local child care services to learn more about incorporating these three values in your home.